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I'm rachel

The best part of weddings to me is the people, and preserving my clients’ legacy is one of the biggest values in my business. It's always a priority for me to capture photos of the people around you - your parents and grandparents, the people who raised you and brought you to this day. And in the same sense, looking forward to your children and grandchildren, and creating timeless portraits that won't look dated.

Weddings are happy events, but it can be so much more complicated than that. Many of my clients tell me before the wedding day things like, “This will most likely be the last family gathering my grandfather will be able to attend, so we’d love a nice portrait of him,” or “My brother passed away a year ago so emotions will be high.” A wedding day isn’t just two people getting married. It’s an intricate weaving of stories of love and joy and even grief.

I am LGBTQ+ inclusive and welcome all couples regardless of race, gender, or religion.


my human

There aren't many huge life decisions I would trust my younger self to make, but over eight years later, marrying Brad is the best decision 22-year-old me ever made.



"Where are you going next?" is usually the first question our friends and family ask when they see us. Morocco, Norway, and New Zealand are our favorites.


my pups

Their favorite time of year is when they get to go to the beach. Ask me how we found our black dog for a story that will make you cry.


good food

Julia Child said it best: "People who love to eat are always the best people."

In 2022, I did something most photographers would strongly advise against - I photographed a family member’s wedding. And it was the biggest gift I didn’t know I needed. It made me a better photographer for my own clients. Knowing all the intricate familial layers gave me an advantage, and allowed me to see my own clients’ weddings in a new light.

An unexpected death in 2011 shook our family to its core. The biggest remnants of that grief showed up this day, and we were all acutely aware of the empty seat that should’ve been filled. We cope and heal as much as we can, but then an emotional event like a wedding rips the wound right back open. Experiencing this day gave me a new perspective - that weddings are an intricate, complicated weaving of love and joy and even grief.

My grandfather was a wedding photographer in the 80s, and over the past several years he’s been passing down his vintage film cameras to me, some of which are as old as 70 years and were used at my parents' wedding. Nowadays, I'm using these cameras to photograph my own clients. I preach a lot about preserving my clients’ legacy through photographs, so it's only fitting that there’s a family legacy embodied in the cameras that create those photographs.

about you

You want your wedding to be a unique experience for your friends and family. You know this is likely the only time in your life where everyone you love is in the same room, so it's important that you spend as much time with them as possible. Photos are a priority, but you don't want your wedding day to feel like a photoshoot. You want photos to be efficient so that you can join the end of cocktail hour to be with your people. In fact, your "must-have" photo list is short, so that you can spend as much time as you can being present.

Being in nature is a top priority. Whether you're getting married in the woods at RT Lodge or on the water at your family's home in Cape Cod, you want to be surrounded by natural beauty.

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